A girl and her dress

So after the first journal page that I was super duper happy with – I wondered if I would do another page ‘as good’.  I know it’s weird but I feel like that whenever I am super chuffed with something I’ve done.

gratitude4Over Christmas, I shouted myself a Dina Wakley video from Cloth Paper Scissors online.  After watching it, I went straight to my art journal.  I think you make better art if you get inky and painty straight after watching a video or reading an art book.

Gratitude3I chose a page where I had already used a circle stencil and some dark green acrylic paint to do a positive and negative image across the 2 pages.  I painted over some of it with more of the same colour and some pale mint paint.  I added a few drips with the dark paint too.  Then I used some magenta Dynaflow ink to mono print the same stencil, to draw swirly lines and to do a little wash.

gratitue 02I drew a lady who turned out pretty nice, I love how the pattern turned out on her dress.  It was all pure fluke, of course.  I just did the pretty background then figured out what I was going to do from there.  I wasn’t sure whether to draw a face or not.  But I drew on a face in pencil that turned out okay, so I went over it in pen.

Gratitude2The journalling was another fluke – I tried some lettering I had seen on Pinterest that actually turned out a lot better than I was expecting.  I think being the Queen of Impatience means my journalling often doesn’t turn out so flash.  Good journalling takes time.  I did the actual journalling underneath on just the block of colour (a trick I learned from Jane Davenport).

Speaking of Jane, I’m off to do another workshop with her in a few weeks.  Loved the workshop I did with her last year so much.  That’s actually what this page is about.  How grateful I was to be able to do the class and the changes that have happened since.  Art changes, life changes.  Who knew art could be so transformative?  Probably everyone except me.  And of course, Jenny Doh – her Art Saves movement kinda says it all .

Gratitude 01This page is now my favourite in this journal (what about the last one??? I hear you cry) and I am again wondering if I will make another page as awesome as this.  I’ve even got it as the wallpaper on my phone.  I would love to use it for other things too.  Some material from Spoonflower, an iphone case, my next set of cards from Moo.

The feeling of loving a page is so good – I want to feel like this a lot more often.

I want to know my style, for my art to have a feel that is very me and for me to know what to do every time I walk into the art room.  Weeeelll, at least a lot  more often than I do now.  I’m getting closer to it each time I work in the this ‘ journal that I can’t tear the pages out of ‘.

Coral.  xo

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