A mail art experiment

Mail art 1

Years ago I used to go to a Stamp Club once a month.  I was one of the few more arty stampers.  It was kind of a big deal that I would decorate the outside of my envelopes.  Not just stamping an image and colouring it in.  I would add on brushed layers of ink, masking images, writing the address a bit fancy.

The girls in the group nicknamed me the Queen of Envelopes which was super sweet and a nice change from me calling myself the Queen of Impatience.

Mailart drip2

I’ve stepped away from the art world for a few years.

The online groups that had once been so supportive became really cliquey.

The Stamp Club just didn’t seem to fit me anymore.

It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve jumped back in.  And after playing around with shipping tags like a crazy woman (I bought a box of 1000!), I’ve come back to my other love – mail art.

Mailart drip 3

This envelope was basically an experiment to play with my newly bought Distress Paints.  I held out as long as I could, but in the end I succumbed to them.  I tried to pick the less bright colours.

For some reason I think Arty means Muted.

Most of my experiments at the moment seem to start with torn dictionary paper.  I combined the Distress paints with The Crafters Workshop stencils, some of my favourite washi tape and Liquitex acrylic ink drips.  I’m pretty happy with it considering it was just an experiment.

The big trick with it – use really good quality envelopes.

I’ve been buying Christina Re wedding envelopes in a linen finish.  They work out to almost $1 per envelope.  That would usually make me really nervous about using them.  Who wants to risk throwing something in the bin at a dollar each?  And you know I’m a “bin girl”, not an “everything is salvagable” kinda girl.   But they take lots of paint and ink without falling apart.  You can rub paint in with your fingers, spray them with water and add layers without them pilling, tearing or buckling.  It makes a huge difference, so I risk the bin issue for the potential results.

*Secret Squirrel* I’ve sent off some envelopes to a magazine (which shall remain nameless for the moment).  It’s been a while since I was published and things have changed quite a lot in that time, so I’m kinda nervous.  And excited.  And hopeful.  Cross your fingers for me.

 Coral xo

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