What is Firelight?

 finding_firelight_logo_color5.5x3.3 What is Firelight?

Finding Firelight is about that one thing.

You know?

That thing that lights you up from the inside.

That thing that fires your soul.

That thing you are meant to do.

It calls to you in quiet moments.  It’s the thing you could do every day.

I’ve found what my firelight is.  But now, I’m swimming out into the deep. Exploring it, with all its caverns, it’s questions and hoping to share my epiphanies here.  Because once you swim away from the shallows, that’s where the adventure truly begins.  And I need to document it out loud.

I hope you will come with me.  I need some kindred spirits on this adventure.

To finding the fire

To finding the light

To Finding Firelight.


Coral  xo


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