Art is You Qld – Day 2

Sallianne, our cheerleader of the weekend is discussing being bold and fearless this morning and encourages us to do this in our everyday as well as in our classes.  I know how it feels to hide in my comfort zone and in what’s familiar.  She’s right and I know I need to dig into this more.

“The mane is the main thing”

What the what?  Only something you could hear in a DeMeng class for the Cowardly Lion.  When I came home with my two plastic lions and asked my husband to cut their heads off – he wasn’t disturbed at all.  Instead, his reply was simply “I know whose class this is for”.

Art is You - Michael DeMeng classIn class, I fight with those damn lion heads for a while, trying different things to get them to come together.  Masking tape – Nope.  What about clay – nope. Okay, glue -nope.   Eventually, Michael gets hardcore and just drills their heads which I fiercely wire together.

It reminds me there are many ways to get to your end goal.

And sometimes it takes a few tries to get there.

In art and in life.

I only do assemblage when I’m in Michael’s classes.  We talk about this and he points out that I use a lot of the techniques in my art journal and the click happens.  It all starts to fall into place.  Like the last number in a combination lock.

One of the most beautiful things about the classes here, isn’t the classes.  Its hearing about the evolution of the teachers as artists, their ideas on art and creativity, the moments you get to share with them one on one.

Michael DeMeng Art Is YouI spoke to Michael about things I had carried with me from his previous classes.  How a two day class with him about 7 years ago was so worth it because of the 1 sentence I took away from it.  Yes 1 sentence.  1 art changing sentence. Because classes aren’t just about the techniques or the project you do on the day.

Sometimes it’s one moment in the whole day that changes you.

The way you think about art or the direction you go in.  It expands your thinking and you can never go back.   We talk about how much I’ve grown and changed as an artist since our last class at AIY two years ago and I feel seen and heard.  The teachers are like that here.

At night, I do a mini class with Kecia.  I’m not sure about this one because we are using products I’ve never used before.  But the end result looks awesome, so I’m being brave.  Bold and fearless as Sallianne encouraged us in the morning.

We make our own moulds and cast resin.  My mind is blown.  My art sister sitting next to me is buzzing about all the things we can do with this.  We decide we have a new obsession and wonder how we can get the next 2 months off from our day jobs to complete all the projects we are dreaming up.

Kecia is soldiering on through a cold and dealing with a class of over tired students.  We are like 5 year olds who have just had a red cordial.  In this moment, she is more of a wrangler than a teacher.

I tumble into bed, exhausted in the best way.  Desperate for sleep but my mind full of a million possibilities…  I drift blissfully between asleep and awake.


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