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I will let you in on a secret – I will never be featured in Where Women Create.  My art table always looks like a bomb has hit it.  Even if I do a mega tidy up, once I start playing, tidy goes out the window.  My husband got sick of watching me try and work in a 30cm workspace, so he made me a shelf.

Rather than just put up a plain old white shelf, I decided to paint the back section.  I used some of Claudine Hellmuth’s Studio paints which I love – they are so creamy.  I was going to do some collage of a leaf/lotus flower shape using dictionary pages like Donna Downey’s paintings.  But when I went to add them on, it looked sucky.  I decided to add a quote in white which was easier said than done, let me tell you.  Damn white, it’s so see through.  The quote has like 3 layers of paint on.  And I do not have a steady hand so the edges of the letters are all wobbly.  I decided to use a white pen for the rest of the wording.  Yep, that didn’t really go any better.  The pen kept stopping because it was writing on paint.  Then I had the genius idea to heat the tip of the pen to get the ink flowing a bit better.  But apparently all that did was cook the ink so the pen didn’t work on the shelf or anything else any more.  At this point, I was starting to think I should have persevered with the collage idea.  I hacked open the pen and then used one of my husbands super fine model paint brushes to dip into the ink and paint on the words.   Said pen is now in the bin.

Altered art shelf now hanging in my art room.

Altered art shelf now hanging in my art room.

It’s a big shelf.  And it was friggin heavy.  I was all hunched over, trying to balance the damn thing on my lap.  Trying to keep a steady hand with the ink…. As you can imagine, I was over it by this stage.  It looks pretty good, as long as you don’t look too close 🙂

I do love the way the “Danielle LaPorte” part came out.  Of course, all the hard work is now covered up by spray inks, manilla tags (my current obsession), paint dabbers, water spray bottles, glue sticks and mod podge.   But I know it’s there – it’s like a quiet reminder.

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