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When you let the world in…

Forgive me readers. For I have not blogged. It has been 3 months since my last blog post. Confession over. So… where oh where have I been? Pondering life and art and my place in the world basically. My one … Continue reading

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Jane Davenport Mentor Retreat and an epiphany

I’ve just come back from a Mentor Artist Retreat at Jane Davenport’s house.  She calls her home “The Nest”.  I always thought the name was super cute.  But after this retreat, it seems to mean so much more.  New beginnings, … Continue reading

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I want to be my own damn hero

So, I’m gonna be brutally honest.  I think it’s all part of the adventure and I want other girls reading this to get the true story.  Including the bits that aren’t going to plan. I started my #5am workouts on … Continue reading

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#Project Get Strong

  #Project Get Strong I’m a sweet tooth. It’s my weakness.  Baskin and Robbins icecream, especially their original chocolate and honey macadamia.  Byron Bay Malteaser gelato comes pretty darn close too.  Biscuits like Tim Tams and Monte Carlos.  And I’m … Continue reading

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That time Christy Tomlinson came to play with us in Australia

I arrived at Jane Davenport’s “The Nest”.  I’ve been here before and every time I walk up the driveway it happens.  The world just falls away.  My shoulders relax, a wave of bliss washes over me and I feel myself … Continue reading

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Art Is You – Part 3

You read about the amazing community of like minded girls (and one guy).  You’ve read about my class with Andrea Matus DeMeng.  Now my class with Michael DeMeng. I did a class with Michael 5 years ago and he remembers … Continue reading

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Art Is You – Part 2

So you read about the awesome girls (and one guy) I met.  How they made the weekend all the more awesome.  About the friendships and connections.  So what about the classes I hear you ask. Tell us about the classes! … Continue reading

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Art Is You Queensland – Part 1

Where to start, where to start…… [Warning – this is gonna be a long one] I arrived at Novotel Twin Waters Resort in Queensland.   Had to do a lap of honour because all the parks at the foyer entry were … Continue reading

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Because sketching is more fun if there is the possibility of poking your eye out

Sometimes on your adventure you hear one sentence.  You meet one person.  And this chance moment changes your whole path.  It sends you in the direction you are meant to go. I only jumped back into learning from other people … Continue reading

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I got tagged which is an excuse to practice my Oscar speech

So, my gorgeous friend and creative cheerleader Robyn from Purple Salt tagged me in some kinda round robin, chain blog post thing.  I’m not really a tag you’re it, pass it on kinda girl.  But I am a chatterbox, so … Continue reading

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