Calms the storm

Music calms the stormI am in love with the Journal I Can’t Tear The Pages Out Of.  Before I got it, I would go all pouty sooky face saying ‘this sucks’, rip the page out and start something new, still stewing over not being able to make something beautiful.

Because I can’t tear the pages out of this journal, I’m pushing through (with the occasional gesso’d over page).  I can’t believe what a difference having this journal has made.  I know this is a major milestone for me.  A huge leap forward into something special.

As you work, you are aware you can’t tear the pages out.  Sometimes that puts a bit of pressure on to do something “Somerset Studio worthy” but it also makes you persevere and push through.  The light and dark of this type of journal.

Music calms the storm 2This page was a bold experiment.  I used big patches of black which is kinda scary and full on.  I was inspired by people like Mindy Lacefield to give it a try.  I was really tired and was gonna go to bed on a Friday night after a big week at That Day Job.  But I pushed through and got into that late night bliss you get on a Friday night.  Hubby went to bed and as the house fell into the quiet, I wandered into the art room with the ipad.  I had fallen in love with Beyonce’s new song XO so had that playing over and over on youtube as I worked.   I was so blissed out.  You know those moments when the world just falls away?  It all began to flow without too much thinking which is very unlike how I usually work.

Music calms the storm 3The lyrics became some of the journalling over the black.  When I first did the black patches, it was a bit ‘woah baby’.  But once I journalled over it in white, it pulled it back a lot.  When I first started art journalling one of the rules I made (cause I’m a rules girl) was that I would only put positive things in my journal.  I’ve had some awful stuff happen in my life (haven’t we all??) and I am a bit of a delicate little petal so I wanted only positive things in my journals.  Beautiful words to go with beautiful art.  But I did mention that the day had been a struggle – because there are days when living a life that doesn’t feel like it fits can be like that.  That’s where the large journalling Music Calms The Storm came from.

Music calms the storm5The background was pink paint and blue Dyna Flow ink with patterns added with stencils and drawing directly out of the bottle.  I really like the Dyna Flow inks. They don’t reactivate once they are dry, where the spray inks do.  I also added some dots and dashes in the black to play with some ideas I learned from Alisa Burke in a mini workshop I did with her.

Music calms the storm 3Pink isn’t normally my go to colour but every now and then I get a thing for pink.  I’ve always been a blue girl.  I really like how the colours came together on this one.  I think the pastel-ness (is that a word?) of the pink and blue balanced the darkness of the black.

Music calms the storm6The journalling was based on an idea I had seen on Pinterest.  I’ve become quite brave on my pages with the journalling.  I’m just writing on the page without thinking too much about what the words will be and how they will fit on the page.  (I’m also a plan it out girl).  Funny how this ‘can’t rip it out’ journal has also made me let go of my plan it out, follow the rules side of my personality too.

Music calms the storm 7When I instagram & tweet my journal photos, I use the hashtag #eachonegetsbetter.  Because with each page, the faces get better.  I learn something for next time.  They aren’t where I want them to be yet, but at least they are moving in the right direction.

Now, whenever I hear XO by Beyonce on the radio, I float back to the night of this page.

And the world falls away…

Coral.  xo

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