Can’t I just be ‘there’ already? – said the Queen of Impatience

Hello fireflies…..

This page is a do-over.  I started this page twice before I managed to get it to come together.  It’s a page in the Journal I Can’t Tear The Pages Out Of.  So I couldn’t be a “Bin Girl” by tearing it out to start again.

Queen of ImpatienceI tried a vintage red and aqua.  The mask I used around it was awful.  It just looked like red and aqua paint had tipped over on my page.  Hmmm… okay, that experiment didn’t work.  I know there is a good way to put those two colours together but this ain’t it.

Then I did a big blue band down the bottom of the page with white loops that looked like bunting down the bottom.  Okay, that was supposed to look like bunting down the bottom.  I’m not a delicate touch, so it just looked awkward and clunky and….. this is not working.  At all.  So not at all.  The temptation to tear this page out is overwhelming but I can’t because it’s the Journal I Can’t Tear The Pages Out Of.

IMG_2227I painted the whole thing over with aqua as a do over.  Let’s try this again.  I added some stencilling with a very similar aqua so it wasn’t too bold a contrast – remember the first layer of red and aqua??? I wasn’t making that mistake again.

IMG_2222I added some lace with matte medium.  And of course, being the Queen of Impatience, it still wasn’t dry when I started adding the magenta paint.  The lace pulled up a few times and I kept having to press it back down.  Oops.  Lots of water bottle spritzing helped the magenta to run through the lace.  I also did a block in the magenta for journalling.  I learned this trick from Jane Davenport and I looooove it.

IMG_2232Then came the face.  Oh the face.  Each one I do gets better.  And this was before I went to the Jane Daveport retreat where my faces got soooo much better. I like the shape of the lips and her nose and the eyes came out really good too.  I’ve heard a theory that you have to make 100 ugly paintings before you make a good one.  So I’m trying to let go of the thought of having everything be Somerset Studio worthy on the first try.  So many art girls talk about their journals being a place to play and experiment, so I’m trying to run with that.  Which is hard for a perfectionist with crazy high expectations every time I walk into the art room.

I added some blue water colour crayon mostly smudged with my fingers and some more water spritzing with white which turned out quite feint.  Then onto the journalling.

IMG_2228I added the date into the magenta block because I thought that whole side of the page needed words  – and because what I wanted to say wasn’t gonna fit in that little space.  I’m a chatterbox, even in my journal.

IMG_2220I really like the stretched lettering I’ve been playing with.  It makes simple printing look a little more arty.  The curvy writing wasn’t quite how I wanted it but my adventure into fearless journalling where I don’t plan it out means I have to go with the results.

IMG_2218I’m so glad I persevered with this page…I kinda had to because it is in the Journal I Can’t Tear The Pages Out Of.  But I am glad I just kept painting over it until I made something I like.  I need to be willing to experiment and try stuff out, even if it doesn’t work.  Because along the way I’ve come across things that do work and if I push through, I eventually come up with something I like.  Even if it takes 3 tries to get there.

Coral.  xo

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