Chrissy Foreman Cranitch class

chrissieandmeI got to do another workshop this weekend.  Yes, I’m on a roll with the work shops.  Love, love doing them.  You learn so much and meet so many gorgeous arty girls who love getting inky and painty as much as you do.  And you learn just as much from them as you do from the teacher.

So the class was held in a yoga studio which should have given me a clue as to how the day would go.  It was a really warm spring day, so we had the fans slowly wirring over our heads, humming to us.

Chrissy started with some fun little exercises to let us get to know each other and to get us in the creative frame of mind.  We used pastels to write our answers so that got us in the arty mood straight away.  They were soft and such beautiful colours but a little too messy for me to want to use all the time.  And I’m too impatient for fixative and all that stuff.  I am the reigning Queen of Impatience after all.

chrissiecanvas2Once we were feeling creative, we did some background painting to get the white canvas started.  Cause that’s the scariest bit. Staring at the white space, wondering what to do first.  There was relaxing day spa kind of music quietly competing with the fans overhead.  I felt so relaxed and blissed out as I started, using my current colour obsession – watery red and orange.

We took a break to play with nature and the best postcard collection I’ve ever seen for more drawing exercises.  We also played with material – I glued some on mine as well as using a different one as a stencil.  As the afternoon went on, the postcards were blown throughout the studio.  Chrissy was happy for them to swiff across the floor.  There was no panic they were being blown everywhere.  They just drifted across the floor, making a soft sound as they danced from the breeze.  It was like a symbol of the whole workshop – calm and peaceful with subtle sounds creating the soundtrack to the afternoon.

chrissiecanvas4We had the rest of the afternoon to play on our canvas, with Chrissy helping us build up our canvas and find our way. The thing I loved about this class was how gentle and relaxed it was.  The music, the weather, the location were all perfect for us to slip into a creative mind.  The class was simple and delicate.  Gentle instruction and guidance from Chrissy with room for us to explore with our own style and images.  When you do a class like this, everyone’s work is so different which I love.

Chrissies canvasChrissy’s canvas was gorgeous and that was just with little bits of demo on it…  She turned it into something beautiful in front of us.  I got so many ideas from it.  What I want to try next time.  How I could expand on  what I did on my canvas on the day.  The techniques we learned but that I didn’t add to my canvas.

This workshop is one of the most relaxing workshops I’ve ever done.  I felt like I’d been meditating all day.  I felt completely blissed out as I wandered down the path back to my car.  And a couple times throughout the day, I thought “I wish every day was like this.  I want this to be my life.”  Aah, creative business dreaming.

I hadn’t done a workshop for what seemed like forever before this year.  Then I did the Finn classes early in the year.  And in the last month, I’ve done Donna’s class and now Chrissie’s.  And I’ve got another one coming up in a couple of weeks.  I’m so excited about all the techniques I’m learning, how I’m adding them to my own art.

Chrissie canvas1I’ve also ordered a new art book.  I’ll share about it here once it arrives.  I’ve umm’d and ahh’d about it for ages, but after seeing Chrissy’s copy and hearing her rave about it, I jumped in.  I’ll share some pages and and a review here once it arrives.

Leave a comment and let me know about the best workshop you’ve ever done and what your must have art books are…..

Have an inky painty week.

Coral. xo

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