Donna Downey Altered Brush Project

My brush for Donna Downey’s Altered Brush Project.


I signed up for this at 5am one morning on the spur of the moment – Donna Downey’s Altered Brush Project.  What was I thinking?  It must have been an early morning haze.  I’ve never done an altered brush before.  I’ve done altered books and cigar boxes and playing cards.  But nothing like this.

The moment I signed up I started wondering what I was going to do with the brush.  I Googled “altered brush” – with not much in the results.  So much for getting inspriation there.  I looked on Pinterest for “altered”  anything- again, not much on there.  Hmmm… this wasn’t going to be easy.

I decided I wanted to do something with the idea of curtains.  The quote “It’s your time to shine” was very much part of the Finding Firelight philosphy.  The blue was to represent the night sky, with stars in the background.

The curtains were made with a ‘fat square” for quilting from Spotlight.  Just a piece of plain cotton material in a light cream.  I soaked the material in Mod Podge.  While it was still wet, I folded the material back and forth then wrapped it around the brush and left it to dry.

I painted the bristles in Mod Podge too, to bind the bristles together enough to be able to write on.  I painted the curtains and the paint brush in white first for a base coat (using Claudine Hellmuth’s Studio Paint).  Then I did a couple of layers of red paint on the curtains.  I painted the centre of the brush with dark blue Studio paint and while it was still wet, I put a dab of light blue in the centre and slowly worked it out from the centre with my fingers.

I use my fingers so much more than a paint brush or palette knife. 

I did another layer of dark blue just on the edges near the curtain to give the night sky a sense of distance and to add some more tone to the brush.

I used white Studio paint on the Artist Marks fine spray stamp for the ‘stars’.  The wording was done with a white gel pen.

I am reasonably happy with the final result.  I think it is my art style.  Bold, strong colours.  A simple idea – not to busy or over done.

How cool that Donna opened this opportunity up to international artists – love that we got to play too.

Check out Donna’s Pinterest board for some of the other brushes.  And here for the other brushes she featured on the blog with mine.

Ooh, I hope Donna liked mine.

Coral.  xo




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