Dream Big altered canvas

Dream9So I’ve been home feeling crap-tacular for almost 2 weeks.  Basically living on the couch watching YouTube videos on the ipad and sleeping in the air con.  I have been too sick to go out to buy supplies but did manage a mean bit of online shopping – I blame the fever.  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Dream1I did a ruthless grab in the art room and took an already completed canvas off the art shelf.  Now, when I say finished, what I mean was I did a simple background and got too impatient to do more to it before I leapt into Teesha Moore style journal writing.  And then because the writing was so busy, I couldn’t do much over the top.  To be fair, I didn’t really know what else to do to finish it off anyway.  So it wasn’t my best-est ever work, which is why I had the courage to paint over it.  That and the fever meant the care factor was a lot lower than normal.

I used some of my brand new Titan Buff Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint from my online shopping spree and painted over most of the writing.  I left a lot of the existing blue still showing because I was going to run with that colour.  The Golden paint is quite see through, so you could still see the words but I figured they would get covered up from every thing else.

Dream7I stuck on some She Art coffee filter paper from Christy Tomlinson and scrapbook paper I had left over from here with matte medium.  I’m a bit obsessed with red stripe paper at the moment.  Not sure why.  I’m turning into a red girl.

Dream4Then I used a Rhonda Palazzari stencil (baubles and circles) and Claudine Hellmuth blue Studio Paint.  I love doing the reverse print after you’ve used the stencil the ‘proper way’.  I often prefer the print you get that way too.  I use my stencils to monoprint A LOT.

Dream11Then I used another Rhonda Palazzari stencil (arty marks) with some modeling paste and Ranger Jenni Bowlin red paint.  It’s a beautiful maroon/aged red.  Gor.ge.ous.  I also added some Tim Holtz rub ons.  Bit obsessed with numbers at the moment too.  I put a layer of matte medium over these just to make sure they stayed stuck down and didn’t get scuffed as I handled them.  I am very careful about how I use my rub ons.  Always thinking “I don’t want to waste these on the project I’m working on now.  What if I make something even nicer and I’ve used ’em all up”.   I know, I’m an idiot.  But I bet I’m not the only idiot.  I’ve become a bit more ruthless about using stuff in my stash.  And once it’s gone, it’s gone baby.   Again, the fever may have helped a little with my ruthless abandon.

DreamNo3I kinda got to there and had to stop.  Yes, because I felt like crap but also because I didn’t know what to do next.  I did what I always do – I fell in love with the back ground and didn’t want to ‘ruin it’ but putting something over the top.  I’m a shocker for that.  I got up the next day and had one simple idea – rub some of the paint around the edges to give it a bit of a border.  Next thing I know, I was on a roll.  I added some credit card paint swipes over the areas that still looked like they needed a little somethin’ somethin’.  Put a picture in the middle? Draw a face like my Jane workshop?  I settled on a word and went rumbling through my small but sufficient lettering stash.  Aha – after playing with some chipboard, I went with some army green fabric letters. I’ve loved those letters for a long time and I was finally gonna use them.

Dream10“I reckon I could paint over those with matte medium then sprinkle glitter on them”.  I was lucky all the letters I needed were there and stuck them down with matte medium.  While it was drying, I went looking for the pack of glitter I know I had around here somewhere….   Alas, the desk looked like a bomb had hit it (so in it’s usual state) – let’s just say I will never be featured in Where Women Create. And of course, I couldn’t find the glitter.  I rubbed some red Neocolor II crayon around the letters which were almost kinda dry-ish – I am the Queen of Impatience after all, so you know they really weren’t even close to being dry.  I blended the crayon with an Aquash brush.

DreamNo2Then I went through the drawers again in case I’d missed seeing the glitter and found some glitter glue from a long ago ‘planned but never started’ project.  That’ll do. That’s not my usual catch cry but… fever.   So I ran the glitter glue in a line over the letters and then gently smeared the glue, trying not to go over the edges of the letters.

Dream12As I was letting that dry, I drew around the letters with black pen, occasionally getting bogged in the still not dry matte medium I stuck the letters down with.  I added some black water colour pencil and more Aquash water brush.

Dream8A couple of other ‘finishing off pieces’ like torn tickets, white Neocolor II crayon and it was all done.  Not my usual style – this one was Christy Tomlinson inspired.  But I learned lots playing with it.  Making contrasting colours work together, layering, improvising with materials, using up your stash, how I work vs who I learn from – something that is really important to me.  I don’t want to copy anyone and I think this still has the signature elements of my own style.  Simple and not too busy.  Vintage hues of colour.  A strong, bold look.  Super happy with it as a finished project.  Go to whoa in two days.  Yay for me!

That doesn’t happen very often.  But, oh baby, it feels good when it happens.

Coral.  xo

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