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PirateI’ve mentioned the beautiful talk I had with Jane Davenport before.  The one about finding your own style.  And while I kinda got what she was saying at the time, it has truly clicked and resonated with me the last couple of weeks.  Like the camera has suddenly came into focus.  Sharp focus.

I’ve wanted my art to be ‘there’ since forever.  You know where ‘there’ is, don’t you? That place where your art SHeroes are.  Where their art is at a special level of awesome.  Where their art is so unique to them, you know it’s theirs as soon as you turn the page of Somerset Studio.  You don’t even need to read the caption – you just know.

They have discovered their signature style.  And even though every piece of artwork is different, there is something there that you know is theirs.  They know where to start when they go into their art room.   Oh how I envy that sometimes a lot.

While Jane and I were chatting about this on her verandah, little things clicked for me.  And I realized I have some elements that are my own style already, even though I am learning from my teachers.  I use a spray bottle quite a bit.  And I use my Neocolor II crayons differently to how I see other people use them.  The way I use acrylic paint with my fingers is different (cause I am very heavy handed).  And the way I incorporate scrapbook paper into my mail art and art journal pages.  None of these are things I remember learning from anyone, they just kinda happened as an experiment and stayed.

I recently discovered an artist that uses scrapbook paper in her artwork and I love it.  I love seeing someone use something I consider ‘crafty’ in such a gorgeous arty way.  Go onto Pinterest and type in Marie Pace-Wynters.  You will see her work there.  On Facebook and Instagram, she posts lots of in progress shots and sometimes a collage of her process.  Those are my favourite.  I love love seeing an artists process.

Somehow, seeing her gorgeous artwork using a technique I discovered for myself before I found her, has somehow given me the courage to keep doing it.  Like it’s valid to do it that way.  Which it always was.  But something about finding her has made it feel like….. silent permission.  Like it’s valid.  And it’s giving me confidence to trust my own exploring.  My own discoveries.

And for the first time ever on my adventure to “there”, I feel like I’m finally stepping into my own style and taking a step away from the comforting arms of my teachers.

Coral xo.

This page was an experiment in the Journal I Can’t Tear The Pages Out Of inspired by Mindy Lacefield (Tim’s Sally) with a little bit of Flora Bowley in the mix too.  The quotes are from “The Goonies” – my favouritest childhood movie ever and still one of my favourites.  A classic.

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