Finnabair Class

Finn horse

I was sooo lucky to do 2 workshops with Finnabair a couple of weeks ago.  I did a shadow box on the first day.  I have a thing for Carousel Horses so to have a rocking horse as the thing for us to alter was very cool.

I wasn’t too sure how I was going to like it when I accidentally put in what I thought was brown metallic powder, only to have it turn bright red when I added water.  Aahhh!!!  Nooooooo!!!!  That was NOT what I meant to do.  Thankfully, with the final layer of metallic paint, the red softened down and I actually fell in love with the final result.

Finn  and Me


The second day, I made some layered front and back covers for one of Finn’s new journals.  They are kind of delicious – with envelopes and pockets and papers.  I’m terrified of being able to make a whole journal look gorgeous – I’m such a ‘tear it out and chuck it in the bin if you don’t like it’ kinda girl and that’s not really the point with those journals.

It would appear I made the mistake of not having lunch before I did this workshop (unlike the day before when I brought along some sushi – my new food obsession).  And it showed.  Blood sugar went everywhere and I just could not get my covers to work.  They looked nothing like Finn’s.  And the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got.  I was devastated after the high of the day before.  And everyone else’s looked amazing.  I was in a right royal mood at the end of it!  But my gorgeous friend Robyn made me feel much better about it all (bless her  beautiful heart) and I wasn’t feeling too bad by the time I walked out the door.

Finn Covers

On the plus side, I was chuffed with how I had layered the hardware and embellishments.  I was really unsure about being able to do that part.  I’ve tried before with less than spectacular results.  One of the awesome things about the workshops was how many bits and pieces were left over for us to take home.  I’ve made another tag using some of the leftovers as well as using some on a mini journal and still have LOTS left over.  Love that!

Finn is a great teacher, her English is fantastic and she has a gorgeous accent.  And it was so nice to do her workshops – I haven’t done a class like this for ages plus I got to share it with a new friend which made it even more special.  I really needed that.  After doing so many business type courses and learning technical computery stuff, to just get inky and painty and have some fun was awesome.

Bring on the next one!




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