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Coral LeeWhen I was in Grade 8 –  my first year of high school – I was so excited to discover that Art was a subject.  But it wasn’t the subject I thought it was going to be.  I thought we’d be taught art techniques. I thought we’d be taught how to draw.  That dream was shattered with our first project.  A life drawing project.  We had to draw one of our fellow students then transfer that drawing onto a large copper sheet to emboss and age.  Copperart.  I know, I know but it was the late 80’s.

My teacher made me use someone else’s drawings because mine weren’t ‘good enough’.  No guidence.  No teaching.  The student who had to give me their art was just as unimpressed as I was, so she gave me her worst drawing.  So my best wasn’t as good as her worst.   That was my introduction to art.  Despite this, I did art from grade 8 to grade 12. The teachers ignored me the whole time unless they were sending me outside for talking too much (that part hasn’t changed much).  The rest of the time, they left me to my own devices and spent their time on the ‘talented’ kids.

A couple of years out of high school, a friend showed me rubber stamping.  That moment where you hold it over the toaster, turning powder into embossing was like a light bulb.  Since then, I’ve played with card making, ATC’s, altered books, shipping tags, mail art and art journals. That is where I stopped exploring. When I fell in love with art journals.  I’ve been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Studio Gallery, Cloth Paper Scissors and The Stampers Sampler as well as Australian magazines The Rubber Gazette, Stamping & Papercraft, Australian Paper Arts and Australian Paper Crafts.

Now, I’m feeling called out into the deep.  To walk deeper into the forest. To raw life drawing. To including my writing into my work more. Visual and written storytelling. To honouring my personal symbology.  Open. Brave. Raw. Honest.

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And you can email me:  coral [at] findingfirelight [dot] com

Want to know more?

I believe in good spoons and special cups.

I laugh easily – or maybe I’m just easily amused?

I’m a bit of a rev head.  I love my car and I even have a favourite gear – it’s 3rd.  My dream cars are a 67 Fastback Ford Mustang in metallic ice blue.  (21 Jump Street and Johhny Depp have a lot to answer for) and a Subaru Impreza WRX STI. I love the Fast & Furious movies. Well – up to number 7.   RIP Paul Walker.

I adore the art of Anahata Katkin, Orly Avineri, Juliana Coles, Erin Faith Allen, Jane Davenport, Flora Bowley and Herakut.

And every day I wake up grateful for a husband that makes me laugh a hundred times a day, cats that purr so loud the house shakes and a dog that literally smiles when I come home, reminding me about what’s important.  Hint… it’s not that damn day job or getting the vacuuming done.

I am ready to stand my ground. To live a wide open creative life.

Coral Lee xo

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