Guided by Stars

Guided1There is a beautiful idea of making dreams come true by journaling about them – mystically manifesting your dreams into reality.

Anahata Katkin has talked about it.  And so has Jane Davenport.

I have an A3 journal I was given – because who would be brave enough to buy one that size!  Madness I tell you, madness.  But secretly, I am madly in love with it.  I have named her my Big Dreams journal.  Because if you are going to dream, you may as well dream big, right?

My first dreaming page came about because I kept imagining an upturned face.  It’s a big challenge for me after working on straight on faces for the last two years.  But I’m really feeling the pull to spread my wings.  To go beyond where I have found my comfort.  I am craving artistic growth.

Guided2I started with rubbing the page on my craft sheet that had some cream paint.  Still like a blank page, but without the intimidating white space.  Then I did gelli prints with a stencil.  Such a cool way to get lots of colour on the page.  I print from the gelli plate and also spritz with water on the actual stencil for the reverse print.  It gives a really nice water colour effect.

I also added neocolour crayon in washes as well as drawing direct on the page and rubbing with my fingers.  And I added a big section of purple – I’m kind of obsessed with big blocks of colour like that.

Guided4Then the drawing.  I used a reference from Pinterest – my go to place.  And with a few rub outs, she turned out really well.  I worked around the hair amongst the purple.  I was kind of wishing I’d left the purple until later so I could have painted around her, but in hindsight, I actually loved having to work around it.  How the hair got drawn in white over the purple.  It felt so much more organic and it’s like you can tell it evolved as I worked on it.  You can see the page unfolded.  Which is a big deal for a plan-a-holic.  For a perfectionist.

Guided3I made a little mini journal card that folds so I could write some words on the back.  I love the journal writing on this part.  Another happy accident.  Unplanned.  Just going with it as it happens.

I replicated this journal page and this little fold out on a little piece of card and filmed it (woo woo).  One of my goals for the year was to do You Tube videos.  A big leap of faith.  A step forward on the art adventure.  Something to make me grow and push my art.   You can watch it below:

It’s funny, as I watch it, I feel like I am learning from myself.   Seeing myself work, rather than being in the moment.  It’s kinda weird, but kinda interesting too.

I am in love with this page.  That’s sometimes really hard to say, isn’t it?  We usually see the things we could fix or do differently.  Do better.  But I keep going back to look at it.  To touch it.  To look at the details closer.  And I feel happy each time I see it.  That’s gotta be a good sign, right?

Coral. xo

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