I got tagged which is an excuse to practice my Oscar speech

IMG_1391So, my gorgeous friend and creative cheerleader Robyn from Purple Salt tagged me in some kinda round robin, chain blog post thing.  I’m not really a tag you’re it, pass it on kinda girl.  But I am a chatterbox, so I’m gonna answer the questions but not do the ‘now you have to post something’ part.  Cause that can sometimes feel kinda icky if it’s not done right (and with my social graces I’m not gonna do so great with that part).

Q: What am I working on?  I’ve been doing lots of mail art lately.  Love that it seems to be making a resurgence with mixed media people.  I’ve met a few girls who all wanted to share art with me all at once.  So I’ve been flat out keeping up with that.  I’m also doing 2 online classes – Joynal with Jane Davenport (love her!) and a Belt Bracelet class with Christy Tomlinson.  Trying to work through it all while going to my day job and all the travel getting there plus looking after a sick husband and keeping the house just tidy enough to not look like we just got robbed.

Q: How does my art differ from others? My artwork isn’t overly fussy and tends to be kinda neat.  Even when it’s mixed media-ish, there’s a neatness to it.  A simpleness.  For a long time, I hated that my art didn’t look like everyone elses when I did a workshop.  I felt like I mustn’t be doing it right.  But now I think it’s awesome.  I love that my style comes through and it’s not just a copy of the teachers work.

With my blogging, I like that my personality comes through in my writing.  I’m a little bit on the ocker side of Aussie (hmm… make that alot) and I think you can tell that when you read my blog.  I find some blogs are a little blandy bland bland and I like to think my personality comes through on mine and doesn’t seem like a robot wrote it.

Q: Why do I create?  I’ve always loved art but was told I wasn’t “good at it” and I believed that for a long time.  Then I discovered rubber stamping, which meant I could be creative without having to be able to draw.  And that was it.  From there, I’ve always done paper arts.  Cards, ATC’s, altered books, mini books, shipping tags, art journaling and mail art.  It’s just one of those things that calls to you.   That you can’t not do.  I’ve had times where I’ve been disheartened with it and just read my Somerset Studio’s without actually doing art.  But it’s always been there.  It’s always called to me.   If you’ve had that calling too, you’ll know what I mean.

Q: How does my creative process work?  I envy those girls who set up their camera on fast forward and film a piece from start to finish.  I so don’t work like that.  I work in layers and stop when the flow is gone.  Then when I can’t get to my art desk (like in the shower or burning down the highway in my dearly beloved little hot rod), I get an awesome idea for what to do next.   So I work in stages.  And it can take a few days to make something from start to finish.  Very rarely, I get in the flow and can make something all the way through in one go.  It usually involves a late night on a weekend and music.  And I’m a recently converted “bin girl”.  I used to throw ALOT in the bin.  Since the arrival of the Art Journal I Can’t Tear The Pages Out Of, I’m figuring out how to work through and occasionally painting over and starting again.

Q: Artists who inspire me?  This is the part where I’m meant to ‘tag’ people to continue the chain.  But I’m not doing that part – I’m just gonna share the artists I really like.

Jane Davenport.  I’ve loved learning from Jane both online and in person so so much.  She’s am amazing artist & teacher and she’s also kinda cheeky & really funny. Perfect recipe for me.  No matter how much I love someone’s art, if they’re as dull as dishwater, I just can’t learn from them or spend too much time with them.  Like fingers down a blackboard.

Maria Pace-Wynters.  She’s been a recent discovery for me.  I love her combination of drawing, painting and using scrapbook papers.  I’ve been doing that for a while and finding a successful artist who does that too was like validation for me.  My first original piece of art is one of hers.  And sometimes she posts montage photos of her process.  Oh yes.

Anahata Katkin.  I’ve loved her art for forever.  Her business Papaya Art and her personal work are so so gorgeous.  Feminine, bold, strong and beautiful.  I have quite a few pieces of hers on my inspiration board.  And I have a book she hand printed years and years ago about the path of creating art including things like personal symbology and working past the stuck stage.  An absolute treasure in my bookcase.

Q: I can’t help but add a question of my own.  Favourite art books?  True Colors by Stampington has to be one of the best.  It has stood the test of time and hasn’t aged.  It’s a go to book over and over when artist block strikes.

Michael DeMeng‘s two books are awesome too.  Not just how-to’s, there is a story to every piece and a story about his travels too.  Are art books supposed to be this funny?  Love them.

I’m a sucker for answering these kinda things.  I’ve been practicing being interviewed since I was 11 for when I won an Oscar.  I’ve you’re gonna dream girls, dream big I say.  I’ve been practicing my autograph too which I get comments on every time I sign something.  Notice I said comments, not compliments…..

So… if you wanna share your favourite artists, how you work that seems different to everyone else or awesome art books that you can’t live without, I wanna hear.

Have an awesome, arty week.

Coral.  xo

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