Mail art for Donna Downey

Donna 2The fabulous Donna Downey is coming to play.  She’s doing classes here in Australia again and this time she is much closer to home.  So excited.  It will be like doing her Inspiration Wednesday along with her.  How cool is that?

I’m always so grateful when a USA tutor comes all this way – it’s a such big trip for them.  To thank her, I made her some mail art – my latest obsession.

I did a layer of gesso on one of those ugly 80’s mustard yellow envelopes.  They look awful but are surprisingly sturdy little suckers.  The gesso just helps the ‘good paint’ sit on top rather than soak in so you aren’t using a ton of your good paint.  I used Kaiser aqua and a dark cream and Claudine Hellmuth Studio blue paints, just blending it with my fingers.  I also added some chevron scrapbook paper as a space for a name/address.

Donna 3The flowers were from some scrapbook paper I was given in a class.  It was a light lemon yellow which isn’t really my cup of cordial.  I gelli printed a red/orange mix of Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint onto the scrapbook paper then cut out the flowers.  My favourite gelli prints are usually one’s done onto scrapbook paper – try it.  Especially on ones you don’t like very much.  They seem to be the best ones.  Isn’t that funny?

As the reigning Queen of Impatience – I didn’t wash the paint off my hands before I moved onto the next part, so a little bit of blue ended up on the flower.  But… for once, being the Queen of Impatience paid off.  I really liked the blue.  So I added some more on the edges of the flower.  It kind of gave it a patina look.

Donna 5I coloured around the flowers and the envelope edges with Prismacolor pencils and water colour crayons.  Bit obsessed with this technique at the moment. To be technical – It blends the stuck on bits into the painted bits.  Yup, that’s pretty much it.  The painted parts were still looking a little plain, so I used one of Donna’s stencils with the dark cream paint.  I did it so part of the stencil was on the dark cream painted bits as well as the aqua bits – that let the stencil blend in, rather than just look like it was stuck on top in the middle of nowhere.

Donna 4To finish it off, I added some rub ons in the corners and sealed them with matte medium.  I also stamped Donna’s name with some more rub on’s underneath her name.  I’m so proud of this envelope and can’t wait to give it to her. I’ll let you know how I went giving it to her and will show you photos of what I make in her class soon.

Donna 1For some reason, I’ve always given away my best artwork.  My two favourite envelopes have been given to Roben-Marie Smith and Donna Downey.  The latest one I’m working on, I’m keeping for myself.  I’ll show you that one soon too.


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