Mail art from Roben-Marie Smith

RMS4Imagine my surprise when I got a comment on my Find Me Here page from Roben-Marie Smith.

As in THE Roben-Marie Smith.

I nearly fell over.

I checked the email address it came from.  Nope – it’s not some spammy troll, it’s really her.  Wow.  Big, big wow.

RMS2Of course I email her back with a big YES PLEASE.  I wonder how she found me?  I’ve retweeted some of her art.  I’ve hearted a lot of her work on Instagram.  And I’ve left a comment here and there on her website.

I’m so excited and as the Queen of Impatience, start wondering “Is it here yet?” the day after I reply to her.

RMS7When it arrives, its a big A4 size sewn envelope.  I’m impressed it made it safely with the loose hanging threads.  There are mono prints and paint and stamps.  There are colour copies of her previous art cut out and glued on.  And inside was a sweet little gift and message.  The painted sections are surprisingly textural.  Maybe it’s the paper it’s printed on, maybe the paint was mixed with something.  I hold it close, turning it this way and that, running my hand over all the elements.  Then I wonder – how do I open this thing without ruining it.  Now that was the trick.

RMS10Of course, once I had finished marveling at the gorgeousness, I had a minor panic attack.

What on earth am I gonna send back to her???

It’s Roben-Marie Smith.

It’s gotta be good.  Your bestest.  Like ever.  Of course, Roben-Marie said she didn’t expect anything in return but how can you not?  I’ve finished my envelope and sent it off to her a week or so ago.  Once I know she’s received it, I’ll post photos here.  I’m quite chuffed with what I made – something new but still very me.  And doing her envelope has me obsessed even more with mail art.   I’ll be sharing some of my latest envelopes here soon.  Ah, I’ve got so much to share with you.  Can’t wait.

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