Mail Art – Mixed Media Fronds

Another new friend and more mail art -are you seeing a pattern here?

I dove into this one on an early Saturday morning and it all just came together in the space of an hour or two.  No pressure, no expectations, no plan.

frond1I’m still working through the mega stash of ugly 80’s yellow envelopes, so I always start with gesso so the envelope doesn’t disintegrate with the ink and paint.  Then I pulled out my Gelli Plate.  Love my Gelli plate.  Everyone gets such different looks from it.  I used an alphabet stencil with a combo of orange and red paint.  That got the envelope started so I was no longer looking at plain white with a hint of awful yellow. I added some torn decorative napkins and a snippet of scrapbook paper left over from a previous project with matt medium.  Then I filled in the gaps with some pink Dyna Flow ink in an Aquash pen (one of my favourite discoveries at the Jane Davenport Weekend).  That really brought it together.  I added some rubber stamping in black ink to fill in some gaps and the base layer was done.

I cut out a petal shape and traced it down the page on both sides then added a stalk through the middle using white Prismacolor pencil.  I went over it with a white Posca paint pen then rubbed out the pencil.  I went around the outside of the petals with black Liquitex ink in an Aquash pen and used another Aquash pen filled with water to spread it around.

Frond3Then I added the name and address.  This was the scary bit.  As I’ve said before, I’m not a ‘just go for it girl’.  I’m just impatient.  Big difference.  So I started writing my friends name on the envelope without planning it out or practicing.  The moment I did the first letter, I regretted that.  I didn’t even know what I was doing!  But I discovered a new way of writing the name and address that I fell in love with.  Yay for happy accidents!

I loved this envelope so much and was so proud to send it off to a new friend.  I made three more just to play but they were in a completely different colour scheme.  Something about the brightness of this one meant it was my favourite.

frond2There was a bit of a challenge though – the posting.  It took a week and a half to get there.  And it only had to go a few hours away from my house.  Meanwhile, the one I sent to the other side of the world only took 2 weeks.  I think I was being a bit too clever and chose stamps that were the same colour as the envelope.  And I didn’t put them in the official top right hand corner (because I got so excited making it, I forgot to leave a space for the stamps.  I do that.  A lot.)  So I’m guessing it had to get hand sorted and hand cancelled.  But it made it in the end.  Just gotta remember to leave a space for the stamps next time.

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