Mail Art – Ocean Girl

Ocean Girl 3So mail art seems to be what I’m working on a lot.  I suddenly have a few gorgeous girls wanting to share their art with me through snail mail which is kinda special.

I keep wondering what the postie thinks as they deliver these envelopes we are sharing.  Do they think “ooh wow” or “that’s cool”.  When I posted this one, the lady at the post office said to me “it’s nice and everything but you aren’t addressing it right”.  Seriously?  And the way she said “it’s nice” – what she really meant was “it’s no big woop and you probably think it’s a bit of a big deal but I will let you know by the shitty tone in my voice that I am not the least bit impressed”.  Needless to say…. ouchy ouch ouch.   Hopefully the postie’s on bikes delivering it are a little more impressed.  And the girl that got this one in her letterbox.

Ocean Girl1This is another practice on my faces.  As always, it starts with an ugly 80’s envelope.  Gesso to start, then drawing the face, a little colour on the hair.  Then I layered some decorative paper napkins, washi tape and modelling paste mixed with paint.

Ocean Girl 5

Ocean Girl 2Then the challenge of the face.  The shading of the face.  The shape of the lips and nose.  These are the areas I really struggle with.  Especially getting colour around the eyes.    If you follow me on social media, you’ll know I use the hashtags #EachOneGetsBetter and #PracticePractice.  And that’s the thing.  It’s really true…. each one gets better.  The more I practice, the more I learn and figure things out.  It’s not what you want to hear when you start.  You just wanna be awesome on your first try.  Or is that just me as the Queen of Impatience?

Ocean Girl 3With this one, I’m really happy with the shading around the eyes – using not the usual colours.  Don’t know that I can paint green and blue faces every time though.  So trying to learn from this one.  The lips turned out really well too.  The shape and the colouring.

Ocean Girl 4I’m really chuffed with how this one turned out.  I think it’s really nice but it’s more than that.  I feel like I’m getting the hang of it a little more.  That I can make art ‘good enough’ to send to someone else.  I know that’s bad…. to wonder if you are ‘good enough’ but you know what I mean.  When you are learning, you know you aren’t at the level of your art SHeroes.  That you aren’t at the level you are aching in your heart to be.  But when you feel like you are making steps forward with your art, you feel the courage to send it out to the world.  Even when it’s not ‘there’ yet.  Even though it’s not what you want it to be.  Even though it’s not perfect.  But it’s good enough in this moment.  In this part of your adventure.

And that is enough.

Coral xo

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