Mail Art – She set sail guided by stars

Somehow, I’m having beautiful kind hearted souls come across my path asking me to share mail art with them which is kinda awesome.  They are such talented artists.  So encouraging and generous.  Feeling rather spoilt and special at the moment.  I am such a hermit and I usually not the one ‘putting myself out there’, so these girls offering to share art one on one is lovely.

She set sailThis is an envelope I sent as my first exchange with a new art friend.  Her name is Nayana and you can find her at To The Moon – isn’t that name just fabulous??

she set sail 2I was partly inspired by my Owl and The Pussycat envelope.  I used yet another in the never ending pile of ugly 80’s envelopes with acrylic paint for the beginning layers.  I added stars cut out of Christy Tomlinson coffee filter paper, torn decorative napkins, rub ons and scrapbook paper cut out for the sailboat.  It’s my very favourite paper and I am down to my last sheet (cue devestation and mild panic…. what will I do when it runs out??)

she set sail 3I tried out a new while paint pen and it’s really white and wrote over everything including the bumpy napkins.  It did splatter a little as it bounced over the texture.

she set sail 4I kinda sorta had an idea of what Nayana might send me based on a previous blog post she had done.  So I felt like I should make a little something to go with my letter.  So I painted a shipping tag.  It was kind of a happy accident.  I did a rough one to play with some new art supplies and really liked it.  So I did a ‘proper one’ for her.  Super duper chuffed with how it turned out.  You when you are so happy with something you don’t want to send it?  I found it really hard to let this one go but told myself if I can make one, I can make another (a little gem of wisdom from Jane Davenport).

Fish tagWhenever you send off one of these things, you always worry.  I think this is awesome but will they just go ‘meh’ when it arrives.  Or worse…. ‘blech’.

fish tag 2I needn’t have worried.  Like I say, the girls I’m discovering on this adventure are kind hearted and generous and beautiful.

fish tag 3I’m finding courage in sharing mail art.  I always seem to do my best when I am sending art to other people (which kinda drives me crazy…. I want my best in my art journal, not on other peoples walls or in their drawers).  But I’m using it as a chance to practice and grow and experiment.  And always…. learning, learning.

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