Mail Art – The Owl and The Pussycat

Owl5Do you give your best stuff away?

I do.  I’ve been doing mail art with a couple of girls lately.  I’ve loved what I’ve made for them, but of course, I’ve given it away.  So this time, I made something just for me.

Owl6I got the idea of The Owl and The Pussycat at That Day Job one day.  I scribbled it down on a post it note then came home and tried to figure out how to turn it into something.

I painted the envelope with gesso then glued on some torn text scrapbook paper (my new addiction) onto the envelope before painting it with blue and green paint.  I added extra depth and tone with Neocolor II watercolour crayons.

Owl4The owl and the pussycat were drawn on linen card giving them unexpected texture – it was just the closest thing that was plain white at the time.  Oh yes, I am the Queen of Impatience.  Grey pen and more Neocolor II crayon gave them some colour.  The boat was cut out of card and covered with folded Asian newspaper that Mr Firelight got in an ebay order.  Look… I recycled without even realizing.  Some gesso to soften the text and some Neocolor II crayon finished the boat.  This is actually the second boat.  The I put the newspaper on the wrong side on the first one so it was facing the wrong way.  Damn it!  You can imagine how impressed I was when I figured that out.  [insert swear words here]

Owl1The flag was a piece of paper that I painted with gesso then coloured with the crayons again.  But I didn’t like the colour so I had to go over it with more gesso and other crayon colours and water.  Partly because I’m the Queen of Impatience – I couldn’t wait to let it dry before I did another layer.  Which made it all kinda wrinkly.  I didn’t plan that part but I really like how it turned out.  Like worn canvas.  Yay for happy accidents.  The pole was chevron scrapbook paper with gesso and grey crayon for shading.  I also used black crayon around the boat and it’s cute little passengers to give it some more shading.

Owl3One of my favourite parts of the envelope is the sky.  I did a light wash of gold Twinkling H2O’s over the tonal blue sky which almost looked like the Northern Lights of Alaska.  I also added some different size dots of white paint for the stars.  Love it when experiments turn into new discoveries.  Or lets face it, just when you try stuff and it actually works.

Owl2The final touch was the text and some rub ons.  The text is always the hardest part I think.  Something about journalling just trips people up.  I didn’t want the wording to look like “Teesha Text” – Teesha Moore copy cat journaling.  And I didn’t want to use letter rub-ons (which I used and said I’d have to find another way of journaling HERE).   So I tried something I’d seen on Pinterest – where you do running writing and then thicken the loops.  A combination of  a very textured envelope and a whole bunch of impatience meant it came out a bit messy, but it turned out pretty good despite the texture (but mostly the impatience).

One of my more ‘controversial’ parts of the envelope is the boat and it’s passengers are stuck on top, not drawn on the envelope.  After Roben-Marie Smith sent me some mail art with loose sewing threads hanging from her envelope and it survived the mail systems machinery, I figured I’d get away with sticking stuff on an envelope and then matt medium-ing the daylights out of it.  I didn’t send this one anywhere, but I’ve just sent some mail art with something stuck on like this, thought not quite as thick as the sail boat.  I’m excited to see how it survived the journey.  I’ll be sharing pictures of that one here as soon as it arrives on the other side of the world.

Coral.  xo

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