Mini Journal Take 2

Photo tag

Remember the first Mini Journal I made for a friend?  Well, I kinda sent it off as a surprise.  And because she is someone I am learning from about creative business, I’m not a “friend, friend”.  We are just online friends.  And I thought it would be nice to surprise her rather than asking her for her address which would have let her know it was coming.  Which seemed like a great idea until 5 weeks later when I hadn’t gotten an email from her.  She is so nice, I knew she wouldn’t have not at least said “Hey, something arrived today”.


So I emailed her.  And then the crushing news came.  Err, she’d moved and hadn’t updated the bottom of her newsletters which is where I got the address from.

A lonesome cry of “Noooooooo” echoed through the house.

She felt terrible.  I felt like an idiot.

But, in my stubborn nature, I decided to re-make her a journal as well as redo painting a tea towel, buy another copy of a magazine and make some more tags.  Whew!  But it was worth it.  I am so happy with the result.  I made something completely different to the first one and I like it better.


This one did make it to it’s destination and April wrote a gorgeous post about it here.  I love her style of photography.  It kinda makes me wonder where on earth the first one ended up.  Hubby says if it got returned to sender, it would come back via sea mail.  So I could be waiting 3 months for it to bounce back.  I hate to think it just ended up in the bin.  Boooo.

Close up

The cover included a photo of my grandparents when they were dating – so cute.  I also used a manilla tag using Finding Firelight Stamps from the Artist Marks plate – the black antiquing on the edges of the tag.  Then I added layers of scrapbook paper aged with Distress Ink, torn book pages and netting.

Butterfly note

I used some butterfly print scrapbook paper folded in half as a secret message section on the inside cover.  To make it a bit more arty, I stamped the ink splots from the Artist Marks plate amongst the butterflies.  Love how this looks.  Might have to go looking for more of that scrapbook paper.  And I have become obsessed with this stripey washi tape.  Using it on everything at the moment.  More layers of scrapbook paper and torn book pages as well.

Birdy washi

Other pages were torn out of another copy of the magazine I sent her.  The magazine had beautiful textured matte paper, the layout made for perfect page folds and vintage-y, recycle, upcycle styling which is very much up April’s alley.  I actually bought a couple of extra copies for me to use in journals.

It’s like a paper stash that instantly turns limited edition once the next issue comes out.

Magazines with matte paper are my new weakness.

This page had a little birdies symbol which seemed perfect with my birdy washi tape.  Many of the pages in the journal were like this – torn magazine pages with simple embellishments and room to actually journal.  You know, because it’s meant to be a journal, not just a book.

FF Band

To finish the journal off, I did a little band across the back with my logo on it – I love how this part turned out too.  I will be using this idea again for sure.

If you want to get the instructions for how to make a journal like this, check out April’s project here.

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