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Altered art journal with torn magazine pages, scrapbook paper, Finding Firelight stamps, ephemera and hand sewing

Altered art journal with torn magazine pages, scrapbook paper, Finding Firelight stamps, ephemera and hand sewing

My friend April from Blacksburg Belle has a great DIY tutorial on very quick and easy mini journals.  I’ve had it book marked for a while and finally decided to make one.


April uses old magazines as part of her journals and I loved this idea.  She uses pages torn out of Stampington magazines which should be illegal.  Love my Somerset Studio and Art Journalling magazines waaaay too much to do that to them.  But I had some pages torn out of another magazine I didn’t like that much that were perfect.  I’ve just bought a new magazine just for the tear out factor.  I’m pretty sure the editors didn’t have that in mind when they put it all together…..  But the layout is perfect, the quality of the paper is even more perfect.  And the photos and typography…. oh yes, perfect.


I also bought some scrapbook paper especially for the person I was making it for.  Her colours.  Quotes that I thought would be her cup of green tea.  Styling that made me think of her as soon as I saw them.  You know that feeling you get when you see stuff that is just a perfect fit?


Aprils journals have all different size pages.  The torn edges are left as they are.  Traci Bautista does the same with her journals.  I love the extra interest this adds.  Some of the scrapbook pages I bought had perfect sections for cutting into smaller sizes.  The magazine pages had sections where the fold worked pretty well too.

April sews her pages.  Alas, the relationship between me and my sewing machine is not a harmonious one.  Despite playing with tension and different paper etc, she keeps jambing up part way through sewing.  I am going to resort to a different, thinner thread to see if that helps.  In the mean time, I was not going to risk this journal with that damn sewing machine.  So I pierced each page with a gigantic push pin that I got in a Tim Holtz class about 7 years ago.  I positioned the pages how I thought they would fit together, then pierced the pages in a way that every page had at least two sewing holes in them, using the journal cover as a template for the positioning.

I used some waxed linen thread for the sewing.  It was a bit fiddly with so many pages in different sizes.  But once the first two holes were sewn, it seemed to hold together tight enough to make the rest of the sewing easier.


I used some of my Finding Firelight stamps on the magazine pages.  I am in love with the Stronger Than You Know page.  I have even saved this one as the screen saver on my phone.  So every time I open my phone (which is a lot!) I get that reminder.  The photo’s a bit odd – not really sure what’s going on there…..


I also used shipping tags, scrapbook journalling cards, washi tape, old envelopes from the junk mail, left over ephemera from my Finn class.  Basically just about everything in my art room!


This was my first attempt at following April’s  tutorial and I was so happy with how it turned out.  I think it might be my new addiction – including buying magazines just for their suitability for ripping up for art journal pages…..


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