Modelling Paste Shipping Tags

Shipping tag, The Crafters Workshop stencil, modelling paste, Studio paint and Brilliance copper inkpad

Shipping tag, The Crafters Workshop stencil, modelling paste, Studio paint and Brilliance copper inkpad

This has been one of my new obsessions – modelling paste.  I first bought the jar after seeing Christy Tomlinson (love her!) use it on one of her canvases.  She mixed paint in with it then scraped it through the stencil.  I tried it and didn’t get the look Christy did so I put it to the side.  Then a couple of weeks ago, I started adding just the modelling paste onto some tags using the stencils I had.  I have since bought lots more stencils which are on their way, so I’ve got more to play with.



I found the trick was to not press too hard with your scraper.  If you press too hard, you don’t get a very high impression.  I used a palette knife but you could use a credit card too.  Make sure you get an even scrape and it fills in all the space of the stencil.  And be gentle with pulling it off.  I tend to be a bit of a bull at a gate with that kind of stuff, but you’ll smear the paste if you get too enthusiastic with it.  It took about 1/2 an hour to dry, but leave it a bit more if you can.  I did some that hadn’t quite dried and as I rubbed in the paint, it started to go flat and smudge.

I put on the paint with my fingers – loving using my fingers to apply paint at the moment.  It’s such a different look to using a paint brush – the paint blends sooo nicely when you use your fingers.

I put on the first colour over most of the tag.  Then I use the same colour and do another layer in spots – it gives a tonal effect to the one colour.  Then I add a second colour in the sections that are still blank, blending it into the first colour.  Leave that to dry a bit.  If you are using acrylic paint, it drys pretty quick – luckily.  I’m the Queen of Impatience and I hate waiting for stuff to set or dry.  How do you think I found out the paste smudges if it isn’t dry enough hehehe.

Wipe over just the raised sections with what ever you have on hand.  I swiped an inkpad over the green one and paint on my fingers over the orange one.  You could probably use glitter stickles, perfect pearls or any of those types of things too.   I’ve been making lots of these with all sorts of colours.  But I don’t know if I want to put anything on top of them though because I like them so much just the way they are.

I’ve made a video if you want to see the process.  And if you give it a try, I’d love to see what you make.


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