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For years I’ve talked about getting my artwork ‘there’.  You know where ‘there’ is, don’t you?  It’s also called “as good as”.  As good as this artist, that artwork.  And I’ve been jealous of all the classes and workshops that are available in the USA.  So I’ve decided to kind of teach myself and to learn from my favourite artists.

If you haven’t heard about Steal Like An Artist, you can read about it HERE.  Basically, there are no original ideas.  You take bits and pieces of everything you see and turn them into something original.  So I’m going to try and copy their techniques in a special journal.  Kind of like a training book.  A practice book.  I don’t want to do art like them as my new style.  I want to try out their techniques and ideas to learn from them.  And to take the things I really like and use them in my main journals, in my own way.

Some of my favourite artists have You Tube videos or tutorials on their blogs or I have a book with their artwork in it that I think I can figure out.  The people on my list so far – Dina Wakley, Teesha Moore, Kelly Rae Roberts and Mae Chevrette.  It will all depend on how I feel on the day.  What I feel like playing with and trying out.  I don’t want it to feel likeit’s  ‘have to’ or homework. That’s gonna take all the fun out of it.


This first page is inspired by Dina Wakley and her silhouettes.  I found a fashion style photo and cut it out.  Kinda over cut it in parts (like her elbows – oops) but managed to make it look okay.  I used a Crafters Workshop stencil and Adirondak spray ink in butterscotch as the first layer.  I added a spray of red spray ink on it ‘s own as well.  Then I laid down the fashion stencil and used a Ranger paint dabber in dark red, swiping very carefully.  I didn’t want to tear the stencil.  I’ve seen Julie Fei-Fan Balzer use packing tape over her stencils.  But I’m not that patient, so I just did it over the magazine paper.  Be very, very careful with it.  It lifts a bit and I can see it would tear super duper easy.

I think the red spray ink and the red paint weren’t a strong enough contrast.  But that is why you do these things isn’t it?  To learn what works and what doesn’t.   I tried it out again on a tag.  And am much happier with the result.


I used Ranger paint dabbers and Claudine Helmuth Studio paints (and some Finding Firelight stamps, of course).  I took a tag I had previously started.  I’d used some light blue paint and a palette knife (inspired by Dina Wakley’s creative jumpstart video).  I took that out of my stash to use as a starting pint.  I stamped the large circles with the pink Ranger paint dabber.  Then I folded some paper in half and cut out a couple of heart shapes.  I cut out quite a few actually, but these were the only two that actually looked like hearts.  The others were kind of circular blobs…  hmmm – note to self, practice cutting out hearts.  I laid the two hearts that actually looked like hearts over the pink and blue.  Then I carefully dabbed on blue paint.  Well, not quite so carefully – the mask slipped on the top one as you can see.  I was going like a bull at a gate as usual and had already dabbed again before I realized the heart had come up with the sponge and moved.  Again – you learn doing these things, don’t you?

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