Stencil Play

So I’ve kind of developed an obsession with The Crafters  Workshop Stencils.  I blame Christy Tomlinson and Donna Downey for this – in the nicest possible way.  Love their art videos  – I could spend a whole weekend just watching them, given half a chance.  These are some of my newest stencils.

Stencils 2

I’ve played around with paint with the stencils but I’ve kinda had mixed results with that.  I really like the Ranger Adirondak Spray Inks.  Some of the stencils seem to let the ink seep under the stencil which was kind of annoying.  I’m not sure if it was me or the style of the stencil (It couldn’t be me, surely….. heheheh).


The ones that seeped through meant I had to try a new tactic.  So I sprayed the ink on my craft sheet, rubbed the stencil through the puddle of ink and then mono printed on the tag.  Ooh, I like that.   It’s actually a cool way to use them and gives a really different look.  I put down a couple of layers – either different stencils or the same stencil with different colours.


Once I did that, I sprayed another puddle of ink on my craft sheet and either dabbed the tag in the puddle or swiped it through.  That helped take away a bit of the white space on the tag and give it another layer.


I now have a huge pile of half done tags like this and am trying to work out how to use them up.  I’ve turned a couple into completed tags for The Tag Journal Project.  I’ll be sharing those soon.

I’m considering getting a gelli plate which will give me a new way to play with my stencils too.  And a chance to experiment with paint a little more.  If you are a little obsessed with stencils, I’d love to see what you are making with yours.  And if you’ve got any tips on using a gelli plate, I’m all ears on that too.

Have an amazing inky, painty (and stencil-y) week.

Coral.  xo




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