I’ve been playing with my stamps in my art journal – I am loving my little A6 size journal at the moment.  I just seem to be able to create pages I am happy with in this size.  You can make them quickly and do a completed page in an hour or so instead of over a few days. I’m trying not to think too much.  Just putting things down here and there.

I’ve always loved Teesha Moore’s use of pink and orange together but never seemed to be able to get it right.  I usually just ripped the pages out and threw them in the bin [I am not one of those “you can save everything” kinds of girls].  But I’m really happy with the way these pages turned out.  The saying, bold and fine ink dots and the swirl are all my stamps.  I’ve been using a lot of dictionary pages and tags and washi tape on my pages too.  I got some dictionaries for $2 at a booksale – bargain!  They have beautiful quality pages – really thick and textured.  Swoon.

The black paper is actually a double layered envelope that I tried something out on.  It SO didn’t work, so I just ripped it up and used it as backing paper for parts of the page.  I’m trying to get more layers in my pages under the feature of the page.  I am doing a class with Finnabair next year – the Queen of Layering Elements.  Let’s hope some of her talent rubs off and I can master the art of shabby layers.

I’ve been playing with tags a lot – especially after seeing Dina Wakely’s video on creative jumpstarts.  It’s a great way to use up left over paint and inks.  I use paint and a palette knife to smear it on.  Or I use a plastic page protector with the paint on it and just swipe the tag through the paint.  A couple of squirts of water on the paint helps with that one.  I use the tags to try out new things – it’s easier to throw out a tag than 2 pages in your art journal.  And sometimes you can save part of the tag to use – just rip off the bit you mucked up… hehehehe

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