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I’ve been playing with a lot of tags lately – I go through phases where I am obsessed with them.  And they are so quick and easy to play with.  Much less pressure than playing in an art journal.  When a journal page doesn’t work, I throw it out (I am NOT one of those girls that thinks anything can be saved).  It doesn’t feel so bad throwing out a tag that doesn’t work out.

I’ve been a lot less structured and more experimental after watching Dina Wakley’s Creative Jumpstart video.  I’ve been working on tags and in a creative jumpstart journal and I am liking both of them more than my planned out journal at the moment.  I am thinking it might be the size.  My ‘official’ journal is A4 size.  My jumpstart journal is only A6.  Less white space to fill – and less pressure to create something good.  Something perfect.  Something worthy of a Somerset cover.  No pressure on myself or anything – no wonder I don’t like working in my official journal as much.

My pinterest board has lots of tags – so I really seem to have a tag thing going on at the moment.  I have Dina’s video on that board too – as well as some others from people like Roben Marie Smith and Kelly Rae Roberts. So much good stuff on there – I could get lost it it all for hours.  Jumping between my Pinterest board and my art table.  I go to my board when ever I need a creative jumpstart.  If you have a Pinterest board for art journals or mixed media, let me know to I can go check it out.


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