That time Christy Tomlinson came to play with us in Australia

Christy Tomlinson & Me. Love her!

Christy Tomlinson & Me.
Love her!

I arrived at Jane Davenport’s “The Nest”.  I’ve been here before and every time I walk up the driveway it happens.  The world just falls away.  My shoulders relax, a wave of bliss washes over me and I feel myself exhale.  Truly exhale.

This time, I was there to play with Christy Tomlinson.  As in THE Christy Tomlinson.  Of course, she has the same magical aura around her as Jane.  She is so down to earth and funny and welcoming and happily gave out hugs to everyone that arrived.  She is completely oblivious to her rockstar status.  Ooh, I love her already.

20141001_204642 20140930_210027She introduces herself to us and I show her my belt bracelet and teaspoon bracelet I’m wearing that I learned from her workshop.  She was so excited to see what I’d made.  Over the weekend, I had lots of the girls saying beautiful things about them.  I even had a stranger in town compliment me about them as I waited for my fish and chips on the last night.  They asked if that’s what I did for a living…. ooh, I like their thinking.

20141006_170104The first day, we did a flower girl.  I’m not really a flower person, so I did leaves and stars.  I did berries on the sketch too which looked super awesome until Christy told us what we’d be doing in the next step.  Okay, scratch the berries.  They’re gone.

20141006_170116I struggled to do a ‘Christy’ face after spending the last 18 months practicing my ‘Jane’ faces.  I thought all that practice meant I’d gotten better at drawing in general but it was a real trick to make my mind and hands do it the Christy way.  Some of the girls did faces their way because they have such a gorgeous style of their own, but I really wanted to do it Christy’s way to get the most out of the experience with her.  To try a different way and expand my learning and drawing.

20141003_172234At the end of the day, I gave her a present.  It was a belt bracelet I’d made for her (love her Belt Bracelet workshop).  I used an old tourist teaspoon and punched in the words Soul Work and gave her a letter explaining why I’d chosen those words.  She gave me 3 hugs as she put on the bracelet and read the letter.  She was so excited and grateful and happy.  I adore a girl that hugs with such genuine love.

20141004_101444Day 2 and Christy started with a story that had us all in tears.  I managed to hold it together until she got to the part about doing what you love.  That went straight to my painful point.  My ache.  And it took all my might to hold back a gasping sob.  At the end of the day I told Christy how important that part had been for me and of course, I kept it classy by bursting into tears.  Christy had to hold back tears too.  I got myself together and Jane confimed to her that I always cry at these things which gave me some credibility and didn’t make me seem like a complete nutter.  (If you’ve read my posts from my previous workshops with Jane, you’ll know how much I get out of them.  It’s not just fun for me, it’s transformative and soul nourishing.  It’s like an awesomeness overload that results in happy tears).

20141004_152121Today we are making the famous She Art girls.  Other girls brought a stash of paper and kinda winged it with their layering.  Having seen what the girls had done the week before, I did my typical square bear thing and planned it out.  I’d chosen a colour palette I had on my pinterest board.  Peach and midnight blue.

20141006_17000920141006_165921Everyone’s she art girl was so different.  There were big and small canvases, some were shabby chic and vintage, some were pastel and some had ears.  I’d practiced the wings on the jotter at my day job the week before, playing with different styles.  I’m not a cutesy person, so landed on feathers as her wings.  Love love that part of my girl.

20141006_170021Both of my girls ended up being set to the side.  Kind of a rule of 3rds thing.  Before I knew it, the day was over.  The weekend was over.  Nooooooooo…

Meeting and learning from Christy was super awesome.  A girl I’ve followed for forever.  A girl who blew my mind open about mixed media.  And she was so sweet with a heart as big as Idaho.  Ben was great to talk to and super lovely.  Her daughter Allie was divine.  And Preston was a cheeky monkey which I loved.  It was so nice to meet all of them.  I’m so grateful they came all this way to see Jane and that Christy spent a few days of her holiday to share her stories, her art philosophy and her gorgeous heart with us.

Miss her like crazy already.  Kinda hoping she misses us like crazy too.

Coral.  xo

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