The Night Faerie

IMG_2241I’m doing an online course with Jane Davenport called “JOYNAL”.  It’s all about fairies and mermaids and drawing and colouring.  It’s soooo challenging – in a good way – especially as someone who couldn’t draw before I started doing Jane’s courses.  I did her “SUPPLIES ME” class last year which got me started.  This page is one of the lessons from her Joynal class.

My drawing is slowly getting better.  I keep alternating between my Joynal and my Journal I Can’t Tear The Pages Out Of.  And Jane told me a beautiful secret on how she practiced when I was at her place which would help my drawing.  So I’m doing a bit of that too.

IMG_2240Looking at the photo now, I can see paint brush marks and what I call ‘rush marks’.  Where my Queen of Impatience nature comes out and I rush what I’m doing.  Even so, I’m in love with how this page turned out.

For some reason, all my girls have red-ish hair.  I guess because it pops against the other colours.  Maybe she’s an Irish or Scottish Faerie.  Like the movie Brave.

IMG_2236Not sure why, but I gravitate to spelling it Faerie – not fairy.  Faerie makes me think of mythology and legend.  Of Grimm’s fairytales.  Fairy makes me think of pretty little cutesy dress ups and glitter.  So faerie it is.

IMG_2237I played with the journalling on this page – a couple of different fonts.  Some worked really well, some not so much.  I’m going with my ‘write as you go’ mantra (which is completely against my slightly OCD, plan everything out nature).  So I just began writing on the page and went with it.  Whenever I do that, I’m terrified I’m gonna make a spelling mistake.  At least with the paint pen, if I spot it quick enough, I can spritz it with water and wipe it off.  But you gotta be quick.  Like lightening.

IMG_2234This is one of my favourite pages so far.  Not just in my Joynal, but in any of my journals.  I got a lot of confidence from this page.  Because of the way the faerie turned out, how the journalling came together.  And because it doesn’t feel like I copied anyone.  I did Jane’s lesson, but by chosing the nightime background, it felt like mine, not just a copy of the lesson.

I can still see things that need practice.  Her butt looks kinda uneven, the rush of brush marks, an experiment that didn’t work with her wings.  But that’s the thing.  I’m getting the courage to experiment.  To try stuff and not have a big sook if it doesn’t work.  Not tear the page out and bin it if it isn’t Somerset worthy. I’m trying so hard to rebel against my bin girl ways.

I think that’s one of the unexpected lessons I’m learning as I work through this class.  Each time I go to Jane’s house for a workshop.  Each time I play in my art journal.  And because of that, I’m learning so much.  I’m growing as an artist.  And I’m being pulled to find my own style because I’m willing to go exploring rather than clinging to the legs of my teacher.

That’s where the Joy is.

Coral.  xo

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