The Shrine of Creativity

Art creativity shrineThe vague idea of a shrine has been haunting me for a little while.  Some of my art SHeroes have them – next to their workspace, throughout their house, as part of their classes.  It feels like something I need to surround myself with.  Not because it’s something pretty other people do.  It has begun to feel important.  Like an element I’ve been missing.   Like something I need to gather as I walk deeper into the forest.  As I swim out into the deep.

I consider dowel and branches and hoola hoops – to hover overhead as I work.  Symbology and lights hanging down, casting their light over me.   I search on Pinterest for Shrines.  Many are based around Wicca and tarot.  Some call to me, some are dark.  Too dark.  But none of them are what I am imagining.  I am going to have to make this up as I go along.  Maybe that’s the best way to make a shrine?

I decide to use the writing table I never use for writing.  It sits next to my  art table, part of my creative space and yet it’s been ignored.  Holding space for my writing.  But I never write there.  Instead, I sit on the floor against the lounge, wedged between the entertainment unit and the coffee table.  But somehow, that’s what works for me.  That is where I write.

Art creativity shrineI begin awkwardly, painting a dowel and adding hanging brackets over my inspiration boards.  I clear the table, wiping away the dust of neglect and begin to add elements.   I go to bed the first night, thinking my shrine is totally lame.  That I’m no good at this.  That other people make it look so easy and mine looked so empty.  There is no soul, no connection to what is sitting there.  It just sits on the table looking back at me, a little bewildered it has been moved there.  But I wake up the next morning, remembering the elements I wanted to add.  I realize what I have in my art room, hiding on shelves.

Books by art SHeros, books about walking my own path, books open to pages that speak to me.  Truthbomb Cards by Danielle LaPorte and Journalling Cards by Orly Avineri – my version of creative tarot.  Candles gifted to me by friends and bell fairy lights – lighting my way, illuminating my path.  Personal symbology scattered through it.  Original art from art idols.

Art creativity shrineAnd in the end, it becomes a truthful honouring of my creativity.   Each element is so very me.  It’s scary how powerful it feels.  Like genuine magic.  Like I’ve let out the genie, but I am scared to make my 3 wishes.  I stay away from the room for a day, like I’m overwhelmed with the energy.

I may change it, so it stays the powerful talisman it feels like now.  So it doesn’t become stale.  I may change it with the seasons.  But for now, I wait.  For how the powerful conjouring seeps into my creativity.  For where it will lead me.  For who I become and who I leave behind.

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