The Tag Journal Project – No. 3

The Tag Journal Project No. 3 - Scrapbook paper by Rhonna Ferrer, Ranger paint dabbers, Studio paint, Ranger spray ink, Finding fFrelight stamps

The Tag Journal Project
No. 3 – Scrapbook paper by Rhonna Farrer, Ranger paint dabbers, Studio paint, Ranger spray ink.

The Tag Journal Project – No. 3

I’m not normally an antique or distress type person.  It’s not a style I do for myself really,but I do love what other people make with it.  This tag is probably as close to antique/distress as I get.  I bought a few scrapbook papers over the holidays, more for a bit of new inspiration to play with than anything else.  This is a Christmas one from Rhonna Farrer for My Minds Eye.  It is full of antique looking documents all collaged together.

This tag started off as a jump start tag.  (see Dina Wakley’s video).  It just had some swiped spray ink on it.  I pulled it out of the pile to use as my starting point.  I was ending up with too many jumpstart tags that weren’t going any further.  I kind of got stuck playing in the jump start phase because it was so much fun, so I decided to start pulling out some of the tags to use as a base.

TJP No. 3 Left

I finger painted on some Studio paints by Claudine Hellmuth which brightened up the spray inks.  The paints seem to add a richer feel to the spray inks.  I glued on some of the scrapbook paper and added more Studio paint, this time using a palette knife for the scrape look (although you could use a credit card if you didn’t have a palette knife).  When I did a class with Michael DeMeng, he called this a ‘visual bridge’.  It helps join parts of an artwork together.  Once the paint was dry, I did more spray ink.  This time, I just spritzed the spray ink onto a plastic filing pocket.  (I’m waiting for my Ranger craft mat – I finally caved and ordered one).  I didn’t spritz water on the tag or the ink. I just dabbed the tag in the ink, rather than swipe it.  The trick is to hold the spray bottle far enough away that it comes out as a splatter on the plastic, not a big puddle.

TJP No. 3 Right

For some reason, I love tearing the bottom of my tags.  I did it on Tag No. 2 as well.  I think it gives it a little somethin’ somethin’.  And often, the artwork I do on them is a little smaller than the tag I’m using, so I just rip off the end to make it fit.  Oh yeah, it’s technical around here.

I love this tag. – even if I do say so myself.  It’s one of my favourites so far.    I’ve been doing this look on envelopes and art journal pages.  So now, instead of being obsessed with jumpstart tags, I’m obsessed with doing this.

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