The Tag Journal Project – No. 4


Not all the tags I’m making are detailed or planned out.  Some of them are just experiments that actually turn out instead of being thrown in the bin before the ink is even dry.

 This one was some red Ranger spray ink for the tag.  Then I used picket fence distress stain on a stamp over the top.  Super quick.  Super simple.  I really like the picket fence distress stain.  It’s the only stain I have.  It has a beautiful milky look to it – very different to white paint dabber.


I tore the bottom of the tag.  I seem to be doing that a lot lately.  Sometimes what I add to the tag looks out of proportion with the tag at full length, so I just tear a bit off.  Other times, I think it just makes the tag look a little more interesting.  Especially if the tag is really simple like this one.

I wasn’t sure if I should include this one on the blog because it was so simple.  It was like it didn’t count.  But it’s part of the Tag Journal Project and I really like it.  Sometimes you want a 3 course gourmet dinner.  And sometimes you just want a toasted sandwhich, you know?

Sometimes we think we have to make something that is Somerset Studio worthy every time we sit at our art desk.  And when we don’t, it can feel like we’ve failed.  Like our artwork isn’t good enough.  But sometimes it’s the quiet, easy play that can be the most fun.  Where we just play to see what happens.  It’s where we learn new things, how inks and paints work together. What happens if I do this, if I use this, if I put that there.    Not everything has to be an elaborate master piece.


The back of this tag was used to journal about an Etsy workshop I went to.  The journaling was like the tag – short and sweet.  Kinda like me – hehehe.

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