The Tag Journal Project No. 5


I shared a few of these modelling paste tags including a video on how I made them HERE.  So I figured I’d better use at least one in The Tag Journal Project.

If you didn’t read the post – here’s how I made the tag.  I laid a stencil down on a shipping tag.  Using a palette knife, I swiped the modeling paste through the bingo card The Crafters Workshop stencil.  Then I left it to dry for a day.  It can take an hour or more for the modeling paste to dry depending on where you live.  When I made mine, it was late summer here in Australia.  Which meant it was hot and humid, so the paste took longer to dry.  I tried to paint the tags after about half an hour and the paste started to smear.  I am the Queen of Impatience, so waiting for the paste to dry was really hard.  I just wanted to get on with the next step but sometimes you just can’t.  I made a heap of tags and let them set overnight before I went all painty on them the next day.


I used Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint on this tag.  I painted all the tag with Dash of Red and Altered Orange using my finger.  I seem to do a lot of my painting with my fingers for some reason.  On tags, on envelopes, on journal pages.  Once it was dry, I swiped the Classic Teal over the top…. with my finger.  I am not only the Queen of Impatience but also very heavy handed with my art.  Well, with anything really.  The way I walk, my jewellery, kitchen appliances.  So being a light touch with the green paint was a bit of a challenge.  The secret is not to have too much paint on your finger.


The journalling on this one was about my first Etsy sale to a stranger.  I’d sold to a couple of friends which was such a lovely introduction into the world of Etsy selling.  But there was something extra significant about a total stranger discovering my stamps on Etsy and liking them enough to part with their precious art money.

This tag marked a huge milestone for me.  They say you aren’t officially in business until you sell something.  After wanting my own rubber stamp range for about 15 years now, to finally have my stamps in my hand and to have a complete stranger buy 2 of my plates….  It is such a significant milestone in my life.

You often think those kinds of moments will be met by parades and the hallelujah chorus and angels singing and fireworks.  But it’s not like that.  It’s a quiet moment.  A wave that washes over you.  As everyone around you continues to go about their day like it is an ordinary day, your are glowing with achievement and happiness and nervousness and excitement and accomplishment.  It’s a very surreal moment.

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