The Tag Journal Project – No. 6

blue stencil 3

Hello Fireflies – I hope you are having an inky, painty week.

Another tag in The Tag Journal Project.  I love this tag.  It’s one of my favourites so far.  This tag actually used up 2 tags.  The base tag was made using my ever faithful craft sheet – can’t believe I waited so long to get one.  And of course spray inks and Claudine Hellmuth Studio paint.  I sprayed some Denim Adirondak spray ink and water on my craft sheet and swiped the tag through.  Then I sprayed just the Denim ink on the craft sheet and kind of dabbed the tag in it.  That gives the more splotchy look.  Then I dipped a chevron The Crafters Workshop stencil in the ink and mono printed it on the tag.  I loooove using my stencils this way.  I think the effect is much nicer than spraying through the stencil like you are ‘supposed to’.

I have lots of tags with this done on them.  This tag came about because I decided I had to turn them into something instead of just adding to the pile. You know how sometimes you really like something, so you do it lots and lots rather than figuring out something new or the next step?  So I made myself do something with them.

blue stencil 2

First step, glue on some scrapbook paper.  This one is a pale gray typewriter font and was actually a bonus – I originally bought the paper for what was on the other side but I am in love with this side more now.  Um… don’t even remember what was on the other side. Love when that happens.   I seem to add scrapbook paper or torn book pages to my tags as my next step when I don’t know what to do next.  It’s kind of my default step number 2 when I have no idea what to do next.

My next step was to smear the white Studio paint with a palette knife.  Can I hear a nomination for default step number 3 when I have no idea what I’m doing?

I used another stencil to mark out a shape on another tag – this one used the same ink with the mono print technique with a different The Crafters Workshop stencil.  It also had over spray from Red Pepper and Butterscotch Spray ink  on it.  Despite a huge desk, I always end up working in a 30cm space with tags scattered all around me in various stages of drying.  And they often get over spray from other tags I’m working on.  Or marks when I accidentally stack a wet tag on top of another wet tag.  Sometimes happy accidents.  More often than not, a cause for panic that I’ve just ruined something I was in love with.  Cue some un-lady like language.

blue Stencil 1

I cut out the shapes, glued them on and outlined them with a black pen I got from Christy Tomlinson.  It can bleed a little on plain paper but it seems to go great over inky backgrounds and paint.  Guess that’s why Christy loves it so much.

This tag was journalling about going to see one of my favourite stand up comedians – Danny Bhoy in his show Dear Epson.  I got to meet him after the show so he could sign my DVD too.

I now know what my name sounds like with a Scottish accent.

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