The Tag Journal Project – No. 7 & 8

Rose 2

Hello Fireflies – are you getting a chance to play in your art room this week?

I made these tags quite a while ago.  When I first got my spray inks.  I really liked the tags and even though I didn’t know what to do with them, I didn’t want to just throw them out.  That’s one of the reasons I started The Tag Journal Project.  As a way to use up all the tags I’ve been making.  As a different way to journal the day to day stuff.  Because if I have to do a full art journal page which of course I expect to be a masterpiece, the year will fly by and I wont have journalled very much.  The Tag Journal Project takes the expectation off so I can make sure I record all the cool stuff that happens this year.  The big milestone things and the sweet little things.

Rose 1

These were done by spraying the inks onto a plastic pocket/page protector – yep, I made these even before I got my craft sheet which I now can’t live without.  I spritzed the ink with water which gave this pretty pastel rose colour, rather than the bright red of the Red Pepper spray ink.   I swiped the tag through the ink.  Then I dabbed the tag in the ink again to get the splotchy look where there are tones of light and dark.  I think that adds a bit more to the tag than just having a single shade of the colour.  Then I dabbed the tag in full strength Butterscotch.  The stamp is by Anna Griffin.  And I tore the end of the tag because that seems to be my thing at the moment.  I edged the tag with black Brilliance ink to close it in.

This one has journalling about going to Gold Class at the movies to see Star Trek – Into Darkness.  Gold Class is my new obsession with going to the movies.  If it’s a movie I’m really excited about, I want to go to Gold Class.  Recliner seats, nice food… and no fighting over the arm rest with some random stranger sitting next to you.  Star Trek was my second time going to Gold Class and I love it.  I’ve been again since then – but that’s another tag for another post.

Typo 2

The second tag used the same technique with Denim and Meadow inks. The stamp is from the Aphabetika plate by The Stampsmith.   The journalling on this one is about having a link to my Creative Women’s Business blog about my Etsy Numbers post featured on Create  It was such a beautiful surprise and wonderful compliment.

Typo 1

I think both of these tags work because of the bold pattern stamps I used on them.  I only did a few of these tags before I moved on to a different style but it was important for me that I kept these tags and didn’t just toss them in the bin because they weren’t my style anymore or because I hadn’t stuck with this style for months before trying something new.

I’m very much a ‘chuck it in the bin’ girl.  But with The Tag Journal Project, I’m being a little less critical.  Because they are just tags, not a whole art journal page.  Because they will be part of a big collection, rather than as a stand alone piece of art.  And because I want to journal my year, so the journaling and recording is such an important part of the project, not just what’s on the front of the tag.

That’s what The Tag Journal Project is for.  Snippets of my year.  Big, loud moments and the small, quiet moments all being documented.  Art that was for play.  Experiments, happy accidents and new discoveries.

Not everything has to be magazine front cover perfect.  This project is letting me create lots more and a lot less artwork is going in the bin.  I like that.  A lot.

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