The Tag Journal Project

The Tag Journal Project -  No. 1.  Shipping tag, Ranger spray inks, scrapbook paper, Studio paint, alphabet rubber stamps, 7 Gypsies rub ons, Making Memories stickers.

The Tag Journal Project –
No. 1. Shipping tag, Ranger spray inks, scrapbook paper, Studio paint, Finding Firelight rubber stamps, alphabet rubber stamps, 7 Gypsies rub ons, Making Memories stickers.

Every year, you see people starting year long projects.  Project LifeOne Little Word.  And this one on my DIY Pinterest board from Design Sponge.  I always find out about these things in the middle of the year, which means I don’t feel like I can start. Like I can only start on January 1st, which of course is ridiculous.

I started my Tag Journal Project by accident.  I was playing around with lots of manilla shipping tags, experimenting with different things.  I throw out a lot of stuff.  I am NOT one of those ‘you can save everything’ kinda people.  If it looks sucky, I throw it in the bin.  Which means a 50 page journal is gonna end up about 10 pages by the time I’m finished.  Yeah, it’s not great, is it?

But I don’t feel bad throwing out a tag.  Or tearing it up.  Or flipping it over and trying out something on the back.  So I had all these tags, some I loved, some only partly done and was wondering what the hell I was gonna do with them all.  One of the ones I made had the word ‘Adventure’ stamped on it.  I added the numbers 2013 with some stickers.  My husbands had the idea of recording everything new we do this year – since we’ve gotten a little boring.  Combined with all those tags and this and an idea was born.

The Tag Journal Project


Each tag I make will have journalling on the back.  Not everything I journal will be something new that I do.  They will be things that mean I at least got out of the house.  Business-y milestones.  Movies I see.  Dates with my husband.  All that kinda stuff.  They will hang in the art room, on some faux leather strung across my bookshelf.  Then at the end of the year, I’ll just untie the string, tie it in a circle and start again next year.

I’ll be sharing the various tags throughout the year here on the blog.  But it won’t just be about making the tags and journalling.  I hope my artwork will grow and change over the year too.   That I will be more likely to say yes to doing new and fun stuff because it will give me another tag to add.  A pretty project is fun.  But having a reason and meaning behind it is even better.  And I think I’m more likely to stick to it this way.

Are doing a year long project too?

The tag

This tag is one I had partly started before.  I had sprayed a manilla shipping tag with Adirondak spray inks – loving those at the moment.  I’ve discovered they work over paint too – I’ll share that in a later post.  I also had a stamp over the top of it but I wasn’t that fussed with it.  So I pulled it out of my stash of half done stuff and started to play and see if I could turn it into something.

I glued some torn scrapbook paper over the top, which hid the stamping originally on the tag.  Using Dina Wakley’s idea of a creative jumpstart, I spread some blue Claudine Hellmuth Studio Paint with a palette knife.  Using the same paint, I stamped the Finding Firelight small circles stamp (which is part of the Wallpaper 5 plate).  I got a bit of a halo mark on it which I’m a bit bummed about.  That’s what happens when you rush – typical me, can’t help myself.  When I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll.  I stamped the word adventure using an alphabet set.  Making memories stickers were used for the 2013.  I outlined then numbers in black pen to tie it together a bit more and to help the numbers stand out.  They were looking a bit out of place just on their own.  The other black elements are all from a 7 Gypsies rub ons sheet.  I’m really happy with this tag and I’m even using a photo of it as the wallpaper for my phone.

I can’t wait to share the rest of the tags with you.  And if you want to play along, I’d love to see what you make.

Coral  xo

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