What I sent to Roben-Marie Smith

In my last post, I showed you the gorgeous mail art that Roben-Marie Smith sent me.  When she first emailed me to say she wanted to send me something, I was so excited and said yes please straight away.

MARMS2But then I had a panic attack – what am I going to send back to her!  It has to be good.  Not just good.  My best.  Which is great.  Except whenever I ‘have to’ make something, I suck.

I was going to send her one of my normal sized letter envelopes.  But after seeing the A4 size envelope she sent me, it didn’t seem big enough.  Or advanced enough.  What to do, what to do????

I had some of those awful bright mustard yellow envelopes that were so popular in the 80’s sitting around in my art room.  Hmmmm, they’re big enough…

MARMS1I laid on some torn scrapbook paper for some texture and pattern.  I painted over the paper and through a stencil with various acrylic paints including Kaiser and Distress paints.  I rubbed back some of the paint with a spritz of water and a paper towel to reveal the scrapbook paper underneath.  (That’s turned into my new favourite thing to do).  I highlighted areas with Neocolour water colour crayons and water on my finger… who needs a paintbrush?  I added some modelling paste through a stencil on the cirlces.  I just felt like they needed a little something more.

MARMS5The birds were from The Graphics Fairy.  Cutting them out was a challenge, especially because I’m not a very gentle person or very patient, so to cut out something so fine and delicate was a challenge.  It took about 10 minutes but it felt like it took forever!  I am the reigning Queen of Impatience.

 MARMS4I still don’t have much of a handle on writing nicely.  Not without feeling like I’m just copying Teesha Moore.  So I used some rub on letters from Making Memories for her name.  I love how that turned out.  It filled in the blank space really well and made the envelope look finished off.  I’m gonna have to figure out a better way to write though because the rub on’s I used are discontinued.  And they cost a small fortune.

MARMS6This was something different for me.  I stopped using my big journal because I was struggling with creating big.  I haven’t really used graphics before, the stripped back scrapbook paper was an experiment.  A delicious experiment that I am now in love with.  I know you’re not supposed to say so, but I was so excited about this envelope for Roben-Marie.  I loved what I made and I was glowing as I took it to the post office to send to her.

The most exciting thing about this was the breakthrough I made in my artwork.  It feels like a hug step forward.  I’m really excited to see where this leads.  Playing seems to be leading me into new ideas, creating artwork I love and I feel like I am finding my signature style too.  So excited about where this is going.

Oh – and Roben-Marie sent me an email when it arrived to say she loved it.  Whew!

Big hugs – Coral. xo

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